Kajsa Grytt. In Berlin. That’s all we need to say. 

If she wasn’t such an icon maybe a longer presentation of Kajsa Grytt would be in order.

If she wasn’t one of just a handful of artists from the original Swedish punk scene who has continued to be musically challenging and interesting for almost 40 years, then maybe that kind of presentation would have been needed.

If Tant Strul – the band she used to lead for six years and three albums – weren’t such an cornerstone of Swedish rock music maybe there would be a need to mention Alice Underbar, Dunkar Varmt or some of the other masterpieces that kept touching your heart and mind before the band breaking up after playing the Roskilde festival in 1985.

If the albums she continued to make on her own, and sometimes with her Tant Strul colleague Malena Jönsson – a totalt of nine albums so far, and counting – already weren’t widely acclaimed as albums full of dark beauty, bare feelings and sometimes confrontation, then that would have been important to point out.

If her twirling life hadn’t been so colourfully described by Kajsa Grytt herself in her autobiography The Book About Myself it would be in order to tell about it here. Maybe then there would even have been reason to mention that the autobiography was only the beginning of an authorship as engaging as Kajsa Grytt’s music.

The fact that Kajsa Grytt’s latest album Kniven i hjärtat (The knife in the heart) is one of her best ever, filled with unsentimental songs about the present and the past and with a long line of the next generation’s most exciting musicians as guests definitely would have been worth noting, if the ecstatic reviews didn’t speak for themselves.

But because Kajsa Grytt is that icon none of all this needs to be retold.

The only thing left to do is to congratulate the Berlin audience, who is given a unique chance to listen to Kajsa Grytt at xxxxxxxxxxxxx on the xxxxxxxxxxx, playing again with Malena Jönsson. That, my friend, is something that you would really really regret missing out on.

Patrik Forshage
Music editor, Nöjesguiden

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